Twitter Getting Tons Of Free PR from Jon Favreau’s New Movie ‘Chef’

Favreau says he wanted to tell a modern story.

chef movieJon Favreau, the man behind blockbusters like Iron Man, has a non-CGI’d movie coming to theaters today. But it’s not completely devoid of technology.

Favreau is the Chef of the title. He quits his job at a Los Angeles restaurant and opens a food truck with his ex-wife (Sofia Vergara) and his friend (John Leguizamo). Along the way, he goes off on a food critic via Twitter, which leads to a confrontation that goes viral. And Favreau’s son in the movie also uses Twitter to help build his new food truck business.

Besides all the references to social platform, there’s also a special visual when Twitter is used.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

“An animated Twitter field pops up above a character as they consider a tweet, kind of like a thought bubble. When they decide to send it, the company’s bird logo flies off the screen, accompanied by a birdlike whistling sound — a literal tweet.”

For Twitter, this is pretty awesome. Chef is getting some pretty good reviews. (It’s worth noting that the movie won Best Narrative at the TriBeca Film Festival this year.) Add Favreau’s popularity and you’ve got a movie that will likely be an indie hit.

Moreover, it sounds like it’s showcasing Twitter in the different ways in which it can be used — to build a business, spread the word about something cool to your friends and voice your opinion (though you might want to keep the ranting to a minimum.)

On top of everything else, Twitter didn’t pay for this. Favreau says he was approached by a number of companies for product placement and only accepted King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. Favreau says he just wanted to tell a modern story. The Twitter folks must be thrilled.