Twitter Is Bringing Back Reverse Chronological Order in Its Timeline

The social network tweaked its ‘Show the best tweets first’ setting

Twitter's non-chronological timeline debuted in February 2016 hocus-focus/iStock

It’s back to the future time at Twitter, as the social network is bringing back the ability for users to view their timelines in reverse chronological order and populated solely by tweets from people and accounts they follow.

Twitter Support announced the update in a series of tweets, which included a link to Twitter’s announcement in February 2016 of the launch of its non-chronological timeline.

The social network updated its “Show the best Tweets first” setting so that when it is turned off, people will see tweets from people and accounts they follow, in reverse chronological order, with no more “In case you missed it” or recommended tweets from accounts the user does not follow.

Twitter support said in its tweet series, “We’ve learned that when showing the best tweets first, people find Twitter more relevant and useful. However, we’ve heard feedback from people who at times prefer to see the most recent tweets. Our goal with the timeline is to balance showing you the most recent tweets with the best tweets you’re likely to care about, but we don’t always get this balance right.”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also tweeted about the timeline update: David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.