“Twitter is basically an insignificance awareness engine” [VIDEO]

While some think that Twitter is a revolutionary new technology, others are less kind: YouTuber somegreybloke sees it as a slightly upgraded way to be ignored by celebrities.

Somegreybloke explains how Twitter is a way to be ignored by celebrities in real time:

In the old days, you had to find the address of a celebrity’s fan club, write a letter, address an envelope, buy a stamp, and mail the letter. And then you’d wait. And you’d have to wait for weeks or even months before finally acknowledging that the person to whom you’d sent the letter was never going to reply.

And what Twitter does, is allow you to experience this same disappointment but instantaneously.

Take a look at the video below for a laugh – one of those sad, slow laughs that makes you feel bad for laughing, but a laugh, nonetheless:

As somegreybloke notes, he will happily let you experience this disappointment yourself by ignoring you on Twitter himself. You can follow him @somegreybloke.