Twitter’s IPO: Negative Buzz And Facebook Dominate [GRAPH]

Twitter's IPO: Negative Buzz And Facebook Dominate [GRAPH]

The Twitter IPO is just a few days away, and people are flocking to the network to share their views on whether it will be a flop or a failure.

New stats from Digimind Social show that folks on Twitter don’t have full confidence in the network’s ability to come out of the gate with strength on Thursday.

People seem to be overwhelmingly negative when they talk about Twitter’s valuation price. Whether that’s because they recently upped their share price or not, it certainly didn’t garner the company any favors.

Over 76 percent of online mentions of Twitter’s share price or valuation were negative… and when you focus on the conversation on Twitter only, the percentage of negative comments jumps to 94.

twitter ipo sentiment

And this negative buzz is not the only thing plaguing Twitter’s upcoming IPO. Out of the top 40 topics associated with the IPO, Facebook is the fifth-most discussed. Twitter just can’t seem to shake the shadow of its “big brother” and number one competitor.

Take a look at the most common keywords people are using to discuss the Twitter IPO in the graph below:

twitter ipo stats

(Source: Digimind Social; stock market image via Shutterstock)