Twitter Releases App Update With Login Verification, Social Search Context And More

In this week’s Twitter app updates for iOS and Android, users became privy to a number of anticipated features.

An overview, below.

Enroll in login verification and approve login requests in-app: Now you can enroll in Twitter’s two-step verification not just on, but from your app. What’s more, by using push messaging and in-app approvals, you no longer need to provide your phone number to use login verification (which means you can now enroll multiple accounts even if you have only one phone number).

In addition, the update includes broader international support for login verification and more contextual details for when a login request is made (you will see browser details and approximate location in the app, so you can determine whether someone is trying to hack into your account).

Social search context: As you type a search query into your Twitter app, the search menu now includes suggestions with social context, so you can see how you’re connected to other users.

New photo gallery in search: Before, when photos were returned in search results, you could swipe through thumbnails and select photos to view in full-screen mode. Now there’s a new “View more photos” option that will lead you to an attractive photo gallery of all the photos related to that search.

And on iOS, this same photo gallery will appear on user profiles, so you can view all of someone’s photos in one place.

Manage lists in-app: At last! You can now edit and organize your Twitter lists and subscriptions easily in your mobile app.

For a walk-through of how to enroll in login verification from your app, check out Twitter’s blog post.

(Twitter app image via Wired.)

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