Did You Know That Twitter Has A Government Team? It’s At The #DNC2012 This Week

Twitter has a government team providing coverage on everything GOP and DNC in the U.S. this season.

The team is attending both party conventions and reporting on what happens. But please be advised that their retweets do NOT imply endorsement.

The Twitter team’s @gov handle is pretty informative if you want to see how the candidates are doing from a social media standpoint, Twitter specifically, of course.

It set up shop (and a dedicated Twitter page) at the #GOP2012 last week and has done the same for the #DNC2012 this week.

It shares images and insights from its “Twindex,” showing Twitter activity around the conventions:


And it shares the  most tweeted moments and general stats around the popularity of the event and key players.


Interestingly, the most retweeted tweet at the Republican National Convention came from Romney’s nemesis:


And here’s the tweet:



As an aside, not to be outdone, Republicans got #EmptyChairDay trending on Twitter, putting their own spin on Clint Eastwood’s meme-worthy debate with an empty chair during his speech at the RNC:


Those zany politicians! We wonder what sort of hijinks will happen on Twitter this week?

Follow along on the #DNC2012 page or the @gov for the latest info! There doesn’t appear to be a live video feed streaming yet though, at least not on the Twitter page.

Will you be following along?

(Vote image from @gov Twitter profile)

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