Twitter Participating In Google’s Summer Of Code

This summer, three lucky interns get to “hack” with Twitter as part of Google’s “Summer of Code”(GSoC).

Twitter’s Engineering blog, where the news was announced, tells us that the internship “functions like a typical engineering internship where Google offers stipends for students to write code for various open source software projects and mentoring organizations.”

But there’s nothing “typical” about landing one of these sought-after internships!

GSoC is a global program where talented young coders, aged 18 and older attending or accepted to attend an accredited college, work on various open source software projects. These student developers are partnered with mentors from a variety of technology-related groups for three months”gaining exposure to real-world software development scenarios and the opportunity for employment in areas related to their academic pursuits.”

Yes, we imagine having an internship on your resume saying anything “Google” couldn’t hurt one’s employment possibilities. And adding Twitter to that description must be a coding golden ticket.

The FAQs tell us the benefits of this program go both ways, with “participating projects . . . able to more easily identify and bring in new developers.” See?! Hello, cool job straight out of school!

But best of all? (According to Google?) “More source code is created and released for the use and benefit of all.” Indeed.

Of the 4,258 students that applied this year, 1,212 were accepted. Here are the lucky three who will be hacking code with Twitter this summer (that just sounds cool, doesn’t it?):

Federico Brubacher (@fbru02)
Federico has been programming since he was 6; he’s currently finishing up his MS in Computer Science at ORT Uruguay. He will be building scalable, online machine learning algorithms on top of Storm, which powers portions of our Analytics platform. The project will be analogous to Mahout for Hadoop, except it’s focused on real-time machine learning. He will be mentored by Nathan Marz (@nathanmarz), the creator of Storm.

Kirill Lashuk (@KL_7)
Kirill is studying Math and Computer Science at the Belarusian State University in Minsk. Beyond that, he’s currently learning how to snowboard. He likes to go swimming and hack on open source projects. This summer, he will be adding more localization capabilities toTwitterCLDR. He will be mentored by one of our internationalization engineers, Cameron Dutro (@camertron)

Ruben Oanta (@rubeydoo)
Ruben is currently finishing his MS in Computer Science at DePaul University and in his spare time enjoys cycling and ultimate frisbee. He’ll be working on adding MySQL support to Finagle, a protocol-agnostic library that abstracts the complicated details of asynchronous RPC communication, and is used widely within Twitter. He will be mentored by Marius Eriksen (@marius) with an additional special guest mentor from Tumblr, Blake Matheny (@bmatheny).

Know anyone who you think should apply next year? Send them here to check out the program and start thinking about project proposal ideas!

(Man in front of computer image from Shutterstock)