How To Find Work On Twitter

When one thinks of online job searches, LinkedIn is usually the platform that comes to mind, not Twitter – but it should be!

Whereas LinkedIn is a pretty impersonal job board-style platform, Twitter allows for more personal interactions and this builds a stronger recruiting network for users. This post will tell you how.

On Twitter, don’t worry too much about your following or follower count. It’s all about using your account wisely, not the numbers. The key is to interact with relevant people. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Identify keywords that are relevant to your line of work.
  • Use Klout and WeFollow to determine who is influential in your key job search areas.
  • Using Hootsuite or TweetDeck create Twitter streams to track the keywords (one stream per keyword/phrase) and another stream to track these influential folks you’ve found (with scores of 40 or above).

Now comes the hard part – participating in relevant conversations.

It’s much easier to get noticed by an influential tweeter by answering their questions or participating in a chat already in progress than it is to send them a blind @mention. Likewise, it’s much easier to ask someone to retweet one of your tweets, or help you out if you’ve already retweeted some of their tweets or interacted with them in some way. Once you’re ‘friends,’ you’ll be surprised by how helpful people will be.

You can also tweet employers directly. You might comment on a campaign of theirs or ask a relevant question. Just be cautious with this and realize that once you’ve attracted attention to your Twitter feed you’ll need to be extra aware of what you tweet.

Above all, remember that Twitter is best used a little and often, whether you’re looking for work today or preparing your pipeline of work for tomorrow.

Do please add any additional tips you might have below – and good luck!

Tom Savage is an award winning entrepreneur and runs a site for local freelancers called 3Desk. He also blogs on simplicity at Simpletom.

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