Twitter Facebook Synchronization

A few of my friends have decided to switch from using Twitter to simply updating their Facebook status from their mobile phone. Whether you are contemplating making the switch or still debating what to do, Austin Thomas Griffith has made an application so you don’t have to decide. FBTwit is a simple application that automatically updates your Twitter with your Facebook status. I have a feeling applications like this one will become priceless that have their updates distributed across a number of disconnected networks. I have yet to make the shift to Facebook and chose just to put Twitter on my Facebook profile. This would definitely be a good alternative though saving me precious space on my Facebook profile. I think it is time to make the switch. For those of you that are still deciding which network to use for keeping your friends up to date, or for those that are bogged down with making updates on both sites, go grab the FBTwit application and make your life a little easier.