Twitter Death Threats Against President Being Investigated by Brazilian Authorities

Brazilian authorities are investigating death threats made via Twitter towards the newly inaugurated president this weekend. They are trying to uncover the origin of certain death threats in order to prosecute individuals for a variety of crimes. This is not the first time a death threat on Twitter has resulted in official and legal action.

According to Novinite, Roberto Gurgel, Brazil’s chief prosecutor, spoke to the press about the recent death threats: “We are going to analyze these messages in order to see if the current legislation provides for charging their authors.”

Dilma Rousseff, the country’s new president, was sworn in on January 1st, 2011. The death threats appeared during her inauguration. One read “Please somebody finally kill this Dilma” and another reportedly said “A sniper must shoot in the head her and vice-president.”

The Brazilian authorities are taking these threats seriously, as they try to find the appropriate legislation to charge the original authors. According to Fox News Latino, Gurgel is looking to charge the offending authors with “making a statement justifying crime” or “incitement to murder.”

Twitter death threats are being taken more seriously by other countries as well. A UK politician was recently arrested for tweeting (apparently in jest) that he would like to see someone stone a journalist to death.