Love Your Weekly Twitter Emails? You Can Now Get Them Daily

Twitter launched a weekly email digest service in May, summarizing your network’s activity into a single easy-to-read email that was sent to your inbox every week. And now they’re expanded the frequency to daily digests, if you’re into that sort of thing. Here’s how to set it up.

Since acquiring the social summary service Summify in January, Twitter has been working hard to parse its hundreds of millions of daily tweets into bite-sized, relevant chunks for its users. They started out by introducing the Discover tab at the top of and their mobile apps, and rolled out the idea of condensing comments, links and tweets into the weekly newsletter shortly after.

And now, for those who feel that weekly updates aren’t enough, Twitter has unveiled the daily digest.

Without a lot of fanfare, Twitter has quietly added the option for daily digests to the emails that users currently receive weekly, as well as to the “Email Notification” section of users’ “Settings” page.

To set yours up, just click on the “Email Notification” tab in your “Settings”, and scroll about half way down. You’ll see a section called “Activity from your network”, where you can choose to (or not to) receive activity from your network via email. If you want to get this news daily, just click the dropdown menu and select “Sent as a daily digest”.

(Email notification image via Shutterstock)