Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey: “Twitter Can’t Compete In China”

Twitter’s co-founder and Chairman Jack Dorsey says that Twitter simply can’t compete in China – but it’s not Twitter’s fault.

Speaking at AsiaD, a conference hosted by All Things D, in Hong Kong on Thursday, Dorsey examined the state of Twitter in Asia. The region has largely embraced Twitter with one notable exception: China.

Twitter is currently blocked in China, where the world’s largest internet population uses Chinese services like Sina Weibo.

The Wall Street Journal quotes Dorsey as explaining:

“At the end of the day, we just can’t compete. [Weibo] can compete in our markets, and we’re certainly interested in what that means for us. I’ve looked at Weibo and it looks fascinating the way that people are using it. We would love to have a strong Twitter in China, but we need to be allowed to do that.”

The lack of a Twitter presence in China would likely only be remedied by government officials from both countries coming to a more open trade agreement, Dorsey went on to say.

However, the stalemate in China is counterbalanced by a stellar Twitter showing in Japan.

Japan has been a key player in Twitter’s global domination as a top social information network. Doresy spoke of Japanese of being the first language outside of English that Twitter was translated into, and also how Twitter had adapted to the Japanese experience quite quickly: in the early days, Twitter encouraged Tamagotchi users to feed their virtual pets using a tweet.

Other Asian markets that Twitter has been able to break into include the Philippines and India. Doresy also announced that in India, Twitter is in talks with Airtel to offer access to Twitter for free.

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