Best Part Of This Chairman’s Twitter Chat Fail? He Was Tweeting From Twitter HQ

It’s bad enough when your Chairman bombs a very public PR event because you forgot to prep her on some key element, but it’s even worse (we’d imagine) when your Chairman bombs because he doesn’t know how to use a platform – and he’s sitting in that platform’s headquarters!

Enter FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. He visited Twitter HQ and planned to hold a Twitter chat while there, using the #AskJulius hashtag. Sounds simple enough, right? Nope!

There was lots of build up to the event:


Heck, there’s even a shot of  #AskJulius sitting next to Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo:


But you know what there WASN’T? An #AskJulius hashtag accompanying the Chairman’s tweets!

To cut him some slack, according to Ad Week, this was the Chairman’s first Twitter chat (obviously). But not catching on that something was wrong during the first 20 minutes of a 30 minute chat? Hmm.

He starts out just adding his name:


And then his initials, with some fancy @mentions and other hashtag footwork:


Then the jokes started:


And followers got annoyed after reaching out to the FCC for answers:


And then #AskJulius starts tagging his tweets as such . . .  well, most of them:



So no matter how horrible your day is today, know that it probably can’t compare to the day #AskJulius’s marketing manager must have had after that screw up!

(Business man image from Shutterstock)