How To Make A Twitter Cake [VIDEO]

How To Cook A Twitter Cake [VIDEO]


Food and social media are no strangers (think about all of the “look what I had for lunch!” tweets in the early days of Twitter), but actually making food in the shape of social networks takes the relationship one step further.

If you’re a huge Twitter fan – or you know someone who is – you might just be ready for the challenge of making a Twitter cake.

Ann Reardon from How to Cook That has created a detailed YouTube video and blog post explaining how to make the scrumptious Twitter cake pictured above.

If you’re not seasoned in the kitchen, you can still follow along while Ann makes a pretty cool Twitter-shaped cookie cutter for the center and then proceeds to prepare this creamy treat. Be warned, however, that this isn’t your average cake-from-a-package creation – tools like a brulee torch and pure aluminium flashing are used!

The cake itself is something of a marvel, with a perfectly “Twitter blue” Twitter bird in the centre and a creamy custard-like exterior, smothered in an orange glaze and topped with white chocolate details. It would be sure to impress any Twitter fanatics in your life – you could even print out one of their tweets on a sugary base using edible ink and use it to top their piece!

Ann has also made some other social media themed desserts, and it’s worth checking out her YouTube channel for other ultra-creative sugary creations.

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