Twitter Begins Testing Geo-Location Ads

Twitter’s still-fledgling advertising product, Promoted Products, is taking a small step out into the wide world as it begins testing Promoted Trends, Tweets and Accounts based on location.

All Things D’s Peter Kafka reports that Twitter has begun to test more targeted ads in users timelines, as they step up their advertising suite offerings to entice more buyers.

According to Kafka, Twitter is now offering beta testers the ability to target their Promoted Tweets and Accounts by country. And within the US, advertisers can target tweets down to the city level.

This is a smart move, and one that follows naturally from the launch of their Promoted Products a year ago this April. By allowing advertisers to target specific locations with their tweets, Twitter has opened up a vast revenue stream. They will likely charge less for a location-specific Promoted Tweet than a worldwide one, but by slicing up the locations in which advertisers can tweet, they will be able to capitalize on dozens of Promoted Products per day – as opposed to the single Promoted Trend that currently runs once every 24 hours.

Kafka quoted Twitter’s cautious optimism about the new location-specific ads:

“Since we first launched Promoted Tweets last April, we have said that enabling marketers to geo-target advertising on Twitter was a key next step in our ad platform’s continued evolution… We continuously launch features to enhance the advertising experience on Twitter. As with all of our advertising efforts, we are watching this test closely and will use feedback from advertisers and Twitter users to fine-tune and iterate on the feature.”

Ads targeted by location are nothing new in the world of online advertising, but it’s an important step for Twitter’s own advertising efforts, as it seeks to finally implement a strong business plan.