Twitter Becomes the Latest Tech Giant Sued for Gender Discrimination

#SexualDiscrimination much?

twitter womenJust when you thought Twitter might fly away from workplace lawsuits in the workplace comes a summons to San Francisco…

Reuters reports that a former (female) Twitter software engineer has filed a proposed class action suit claiming that the company’s “black box” promotion process unlawfully favors men.

The allegation is hardly a shock: take this 2013 VentureBeat story or this one, published in Wired in 2014. Sexism is alive and (downloaded) well within the tech industry.

Tina Huang, who according to her LinkedIn profile worked at Twitter between October 2009 and June 2014 on the mobile and developer productivity teams, filed the suit last Thursday in California state court. Some details:

CourtHouseNews quotes from Huang’s complaint in which she states: “The company’s promotion system creates a glass ceiling for women that cannot be explained or justified by any reasonable business purpose, because Twitter has no meaningful promotion process for these jobs: no published promotion criteria, nor any internal hiring, advancement, or application processes for employees.” (Source: TechCrunch)

As in most cases like this one, Huang alleges she was passed over for promotion without adequate explanation. She had tenure, great evaluations, a healthy rapport with her superiors, and not even a hint of discipline\performance issues.

Still…no soup for her.

Perhaps Tina Huang’s case will knock a panel out of this glass ceiling.

Then again, men can just Photoshop that panel back in place and act like it never happened.