Twitter Became the Social Platform of Choice for International Women’s Day (Infographic)

Unmetric found that brands in the hospitality industry were the most prolific posters

The volume of social posts related to International Women’s Day has steadily risen since 2013 BonneChance/iStock

International Women’s Day is coming up Friday, March 8, and social marketing firm Unmetric looked at brands’ past efforts for the holiday to help give them ideas for the 2019 edition.

Unmetric found that the volume of social posts related to Women’s Day has steadily risen since 2013, and almost 13 percent of those posts were promoted.

Twitter became the platform of choice for Women’s Day posts last year, edging out previous leader Facebook, and Unmetric said 35 percent of social content related to the holiday was published on Twitter, with brands averaging 2.75 tweets.

Unmetric CEO Lux Narayan said, “This past year, Twitter overtook Facebook as the preferred social network for brands posting Women’s Day-related content, with 35 percent of all content being published there. However, Facebook had the highest engagement for video content, with 1.5 times more interactions than Instagram and 17 times more than Twitter.”

Some 82 percent of Instagram posts related to Women’s Day contained images, drawing double the interactions of Facebook posts and a staggering 32 times more than tweets.

Narayan said, “For photos, Instagram was the dominant network, demonstrating that brands should consider posting on a social network based on the nature of their post—whether it’s a short or long video, photo, commentary, etc.”

Brands in the hospitality industry were the most prolific Women’s Day posters, followed by retail and personal care.

Narayan concluded, “The hospitality industry commanded the discussion around Women’s Day and, overall, the most engaging posts were the ones that celebrated the contributions of women in history and in workplaces.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.