Can Twitter Shaming Prevent Bad Parking?

Can Twitter Shaming Prevent Bad Parking?

Can public shaming get people to do a better job parking their cars? A new Twitter movement says “yes.”

Two Twitter accounts have popped up that are using the power of crowdsourcing to humiliate people into parking between the lines.

As the National Post reports, the movement started with the Edmonton, Canada account @DBagParkingYEG, and spread to Calgary at @DBagParkingYYC and, more recently, Vancouver at @D_BagParkingYVR. Together, the accounts have amassed over 8,000 followers who, presumably, are sick of bad parkers.

The accounts ask followers to tweet a pic of anyone “parked like an idiot,” and to tell their friends. Since their inception, they have tweeted over 1,500 times naming, shaming, and retweeting pictures of terrible parkers.


There’s no sign yet that these accounts are actually making people better parkers, but the fear of potential social media shaming might just make future drivers stop and think before rushing out of their hastily parked vehicles.

(Parked cars image via Shutterstock)