Want Your Twitter Archive In Esperanto? Twitter Adds 12 Languages To Download Options

Have you been wanting to download your Twitter archive, but your preferred language wasn’t supported?

Well, the English-only availability has been tweaked to include twelve more languages. No, one of them is not Esperanto. Listen closely and you’ll hear hipsters’ collective sigh as they play with their ironic mustaches.

Back in December of 2012, Twitter made good on its promise to provide users with the ability to download their tweet archive by the end of the year. 

It’s really easy to do – we even shared a post with detailed instructions showing you how! To sum up though, go to your settings and under “account” you’ll see the option to request your tweet archive if you scroll down.

But if English isn’t your first language, you may have felt left out . . . and lied to. So you’ll be pleased to know that Twitter has come through for a few more of you today! Twelve more to be exact:

Why would you want your archive anyway? Here are a few possibilities:

  • You love yourself and want to relive every witty thing you ever said.

Actually, that’s basically it.

Hey, not hating on you here – loving yourself is a good thing! Everything in moderation, right?

Which languages would you like to see available next? I votes fur LolCat.

(Dictionaries image from Shutterstock)