Twitter And ESPN Amp Up Their Collaboration

Back in December, Twitter teamed up with ESPN and Ford to provide embedded replays from football games in posts sent via Twitter.

The replays, which each began with a short promotional clip for the Ford Fusion, were selected by ESPN’s college football editors and promoted by both ESPN and Ford to people not following Ford or ESPN on Twitter, but solid potential followers based on the people they follow and what they tweet about.

The partnership was evidently a success (in fact, ESPN said the video highlights were seen more than 7 million times), because Twitter and ESPN are amping up their joint efforts.

ESPN plans to show video-highlight clips on Twitter of major sports events in the coming year, including soccer matches leading up to the World Cup, college football and the X Games.

People will be able to watch the video clips on Twitter (desktop and mobile) shortly after the action happens on TV.

ESPN also, unsurprisingly, plans to sell ads that will run inside the video clips, and marketing sponsors will commit to buying a minimum value of promoted tweets.

Eric Johnson, ESPN’s executive vice president of multimedia sales, told the Wall Street Journal,

“We want to be able to push ESPN’s… content wherever sports fans are. Twitter is a great opportunity for us to do that.”

According to Nielsen, roughly $350 billion is spent per year on world-wide TV advertising. Twitter’s after part of that bankroll, and partnerships with a slew of TV networks is a major step.