Twitter And BBC Partner To Bring News Clips To Your Timeline

Twitter has been furiously signing partners to its in-tweet video platform Amplify in recent weeks, and this week it score a big one: BBC Global News has joined Twitter Amplify as the first international news organization to bring embedded video (and ad) clips to its Twitter audience.

Through Amplify, BBC Global News will showcase relevant in-tweet video clips that compliment its news programming, while also offering its advertising partners a new, innovative way to reach its online audience.

In a press release announcing the partnership, James Montgomery, Director of Digital & Technology at BBC Global News Ltd explained:

“This new collaboration harnesses our global reach and newsgathering capabilities to bring our advertising partners clever and impressive products.”

The new venture is called #BBCTrending, and will feature short-form video broadcasts hosted by Anne-Marie Tomchak (@AMTomchak) and shared via tweets. The focus of these videos will be to explore what’s trending on social media that day, and why. #BBCTrending content will be shared on the @BBCWorld Twitter handle, which boasts over 4.8 million followers, and will see an extended reach as it is promoted via Amplify.

Within the past month, Twitter has inked Amplify deals with two other major media partners. CBS signed up to showcase video clips related to 42 of its TV shows and several of its online properties, and more recently the NFL joined to share instant replays and in-game highlights.

All of these deals are great for Twitter, as the company works hard to prove its worth ahead of its impending IPO.