Twitter Acquires For Social Media Analytics and Data Team

In what’s being called an aqui-hire, Twitter has just acquired social media analytics and data company, The team, who are now part of Twitter’s “revenue engineering team,” includes Matt HuangAlexander Spicer and Ashutosh Singhal.

The company focuses on “social media intelligence you’ll actually use.” And based on the only link on their page, we have to agree. Clicking it takes us to their awesome analysis of this year’s Super Bowl commercials. It’s worth checking out. Seeing the tweets folks sent about the commercials (particularly the H&M commercial with David Beckham) is priceless – but back to the acquisition:

This announcement on the website was posted today:

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Twitter has acquired the team!

Starting today, we’ll be joining up with Twitter’s revenue engineering team where our focus will be on developing analytics tools for Twitter’s advertising and publishing partners.

We founded with the vision of helping companies and individuals maximize their social media ROI through actionable and accessible analytics, and we’re thrilled to be able to continue that work on a much larger scale at Twitter.

PandoDaily is predicting the site “will no longer be functioning,” but we’ll have to wait and see. They acquired the Posterous team and that site is still up and running . . . but a blogging platform is an entirely different animal. Other recent acquisitions include Whisper Systems to bolster Twitter’s security and online security firm Dasient to beef up malware protection.

What kind of company with Twitter snap up next? Seems all they’re really lacking is a good photo sharing application. Doh. (Too soon, we know.)

(Business deal image from Shutterstock)

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