Unofficial Reports Suggest Twitter Surpassed 500M Registered Users In June [STATS]

Twitter is unofficially officially half as big as Facebook now.

According to analyst group Semiocast, Twitter has passed the 500 million registered users mark, making it the second-largest social network in the world.

TechCrunch reports that Semiocast recorded the 500th million Twitter user signing up for the service sometime in June 2012. And by July 1st, Twitter had reached 517 million registered users.

Semiocast is basing its numbers on a sample of over a billion tweets over the month of June.

Their numbers are slightly dated, compared to figures from Twopcharts that suggested Twitter had reached the 500th million mark by February of this year.

However, they did break down their numbers in terms of which countries have the most Twitter users.

In first place is the United States, boasting 141.8 million tweeters. But none of the top three tweeting cities are actually in the US: Jakarta takes the gold, followed by Tokyo and London.

Brazil is the fastest-growing country on Twitter, up to over 44 million total users from about 33 million in January.

However, these stats might be a bit skewed, since Semiocast notes that geolocation – or setting your location on your Twitter account – is used in less than one percent of all tweets. This makes discovering where people are tweeting from difficult.

Twitter hasn’t released any official numbers on its userbase since September 2011, only telling us that it had 100 million active (those who log in at least once a month) users back then.

(Growth chart image via Shutterstock)