Latest API Casualty: TwitCleaner Quits Twitter

This continues our Twitter API Death Watch series.

As the death toll continues to rise, we bring you its latest casualty: TwitCleaner.

After working 62 hours straight trying to modify TwitClearner to work with Twitter’s new API restrictions, Si Dawson, Twitcleaner’s creator decided to call it quits because “the new API is so crippling that Twit Cleaner is unable to continue.”

“If I can’t even maintain the base service, I certainly can’t (won’t) roll out any new functionality I had planned, all of which sits on top of Twitter’s APIs,” Dawson says in his blog post.

started Twit Cleaner in 2009. Given that I haven’t managed to develop a livable income out of it in that time (barring donations from you many wonderful, generous people), it’s pretty obvious I’m not in it for the money. It’s been my primary occupation over that time, and absorbed several thousand hours of coding, designing, building, testing and supporting it. Everything on Twit Cleaner (bar some low level server decisions), I’ve personally done.
And although he doesn’t begrudge Twitter its business decisions, he does pretty aptly sum up the frustrations those decisions leave developers feeling:

I’d hoped that dropping the maximum user size down would help things, but quite literally, every part of my system is still complaining (despite a ton of work by me). I’m running out of API calls (how much Twitter will let me do, per 15 minute block) everywhere. Everywhere.

The Twitter API documentation says I should check that. Oh, wait, I’ve run out of API calls to check how many API calls I have left. WTF? Seriously?

And so on.

Multiply that by 60+ hours in 3 days and you start to see why I’m walking away from the dead horse.

I suspect I won’t be alone.

Oh, we KNOW you won’t! And we also suspect others will not go as quietly into that good night – not that they should!

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