Use Twissues To Back Up Your Tweets

Though we now know your tweets are not forever AND Twitter is supposed to be offering us the option to download all or our tweets some time soon, we would still like to give you another option for backing up your latest 3,200 tweets . . . just in case.

Twissues reads your tweets and stores them for you – so if you do it now (and assuming this service continues to have API access), you can search through more than 3,200 tweets (the 3,200 it reads now and all the tweets that come later).

It’s fairly straightforward to use. You provide an email address to sign up and need to grant access to your Twitter (obviously, as it isn’t powered by magic) and then you can search for all those important tweets you’ve sent on crucial topics – like candy:

Once you’ve found your tweets, you can share them! All you need to do is click “share these results” and change the nonword “this’s” to something that won’t get you laughed off of Twitter:

And finally, you can choose to view trending topics from three different locations, if you like and you can create an RSS feed of your search! This is fantastic if you know what RSS feeds are and how to use them! (If you don’t, read this and you’re welcome.)

Click here to sign up and let us know what you find!

(Back it up image from Shutterstock)