TwiHaiku: Where Twitter and Poetry Collide

A new Group of Poetic Activists Take to Twitter!

For all you poets out there, what better way to promote your work, hone your craft and connect with the creative class: TwiHaiku is a Twitter-centered organization designed to collect haiku poems on Twitter.

You probably recall learning about Haiku in your high school English class, but here’s a refresher course in case it has been a while: Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry containing seventeen syllables. Generally, the syllables in haiku poems are spaced out in three lines, the first line containing five syllables, the second line containing seven, and the final line containing the last five, making a total of seventeen (for those numerically challenged, like me)
Since tweets are limited to 140 characters or less, Twitter is a perfect forum for showcasing your haiku poetry. Here’s a few of my favorite from TwiHaiku’s collection of online tweets:
Imagine: in a breath / you fathom eternity / each breath like another.
Effect follows cause / Cosmic balance spans lifetimes / Concept of karma
There’s a smell in the room/ was it you/or was it me
I thrive as a dream, as millions slumber each night, then die when they rise
TwiHaiku is affiliated with, an online space for artists to read, write and collaborate. For the hungry reader, the website offers articles on up-and-coming artists, book reviews, and excerpts from the creative community’s works-in-progress. For writers, the site allows you to showcase your work, share ideas, and it also keeps you up-to-date with the latest in literary technology.
To read the many haiku tweets, follow @twihaiku on Twitter. To get involved with their website, create a profile at