Amanda Cosco

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8 Statements From #OWS Movement in 140 Characters or Less

The #Occupy movement may have been ousted from parks, universities and churchyards, but it’s certainly taking up its share of digital space. All over the wireless airwaves, citizens are testing out their […]

How Yellow Pages is Leveraging Social to Stay Relevant

I grew up in the nineties, the dawn of digital culture. For me—and for many others born in the late eighties and early nineties— the Yellow Pages brand was irrelevant; […]

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This week, Florida police officers used Facebook as a tool for crisis intervention, preventing what could have been a deadly situation.

Hashtag to Watch: #TweetThePress

If you live half your life on Twitter (like me) then you’ve likely seen this hashtag floating around: #TweetThePress. Where did it start? What does it mean? And why are […]