Last Tweet From Car Crash Victim Is About Tweeting While Driving

We all know that texting while driving kills – yet drivers, especially young drivers, do it all the time.

And now we have a story of five young men dead in a one-car crash and a couple of tweets from one of the victims, a passenger, bragging about drinking and tweeting while driving.

@Ink2flashyy‘s Twitter feed gives the impression that the young friends were having a pretty wild night – one that included drinking, driving, speeding and tweeting:




The Daily Bulletin reports, the @ink2flashyy account belonged to Ervin McKinness, 21, of Ontario. And the crash happened at about 1:40 a.m.

Marquell Bogan, 23, and Dylan George, 20, both of Ontario; Jonathan Watson, 21, of San Bernardino, and JaJuan Bennett, 23, of Rancho Cucamonga also were killed when their a 2005 Nissan Sentra traveling southbound on Haven ran a red light, lost control and slammed into a wall.

Watson was driving the vehicle that came to a stop in the back yard of a home.

Although McKinness’ comment on Twitter made it sound as if he was behind the wheel, police said it was actually Watson who was driving the vehicle.

But it looks like texting or tweeting while driving was an accepted practice as the young man’s Twitter profile pic even shows him texting while driving. And although this account has been around since April of 2009, 124,000 tweets seem like quite a bit.


Sad and senseless. People really need to stop doing this. Do you tweet while you’re driving?

(Teen texting while driving image from Shutterstock)


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