Tweeting Folks Who Unfollow You Just Leads To More Unfollows

We know it ain’t easy playing the follow/unfollow game on Twitter. There’s lots of great advice out there about selective following (obviously the best way to go), but there isn’t much to guide those taking the #teamfollowback approach (because they’re largely a misguided lot).

But today, we’re going to share a tip that will help those folks immensely – if they’ll listen.

By now you’ve likely seen tweets that look something like this:

Lots of folks seem to be using fllwrs lately. It’s “the Twitter follower tracker” and here’s what it offers:

Would you like to see a record of who follows and unfollows you every day?

Would you like to get notified when someone unfollows you?

Use fllwrs to monitor changes in your Twitter followers over time and keep a history of followers that have been lost or added.

Well, here’s a question for the aggressive Twitterers who use this app: Do you know why so many Tweople are unfollowing you? We shared a bunch of possible reasons why you may have been unfollowed in a post earlier today – but beyond that, specific to YOU, many folks are unfollowing you because you use this aggressive app. It’s annoying. And if I see you tweeting unfollows, I unfollow you because YOU are annoying. Just stating facts.

Sure, folks can opt out of being listed (you really can, I did):

But it took me many months before I even checked to see if that was an option.

If you really want to know why folks have unfollowed you, feel free to use the app but DON’T send a nasty tweet harassing the person about it. Send an @mention asking them if they’d consider refollowing and I bet you’ll be pretty successful. I know I would reconsider following someone if they reached out to me like that.

What do you think #teamfollowback? Are you willing to ditch the unfollow app – or at the very least, STOP making the rest of us crazy with your unnecessarily confrontational tweets? Share your thoughts in the comments!

(Follow me image from Shutterstock)