Share Your Travels In Real-Time With “Tweeted Trips” App

Are you a travel junkie?

Here’s a tool you’ll be interested in: Tweeted Trips, a free app that lets you share your travels in detail with your social network, without the need for expensive GPS equipment.

Here’s how it works:

Step One: Enter your Twitter User Name and hit “Go.” Tweeted Trips will automatically review your last 50 tweets and plot any geo-located tweets onto your draft map. You can add more than 50, of course, but that’s the initial load-in.

Step Two: Edit Your Map. Here you can review the plotted tweets, and manually add additional ones to the map. Give your map a title and description – Summer 2013 Trip to Paris – and hit “Publish” to save it.

Step Three: Share. Once saved and published, you can share your map with your friends and followers. Plus, any future located tweets will automatically be added to your map so that your friends can follow your progress.

Even cooler, Tweeted Trips works with any Twitter handle, so you can work up a map for other people who are on the road that you want to follow along with.

Cool idea, right? Founders Pete and Ian got the idea after a 5,000+-mile cycle tour covering the Canada, USA, New Zealand, and Australia, when they wished they had a method of sharing their progress with friends and family.

If you want to live vicariously through other travelers, you can browse trips by type – cycling, gap year, on water, running, vacation, etc. – or search by Twitter user or specific trip title.

Here’s an example of a Tweeted Trip, a Coast to Coast USA bike trip:

Can you think of any past or upcoming trips you’d want to map via Tweeted Trip?

(Image via Shutterstock)