Tweetbot Gets An Update For iOS7

User favorite third-party Twitter app Tweetbot got an update for iOS7, and it’s pretty impressive.

The Tapbots team completely re-designed Tweetbot from the ground up for iOS7. Here’s a rundown of what’s changed.

Tweetbot has a new look and feel, is faster and easier to read, and is gesture-driven.

Tweetbot’s key features:

– Background content fetch (new): Tweetbot fetches tweets for you in the background so your timeline is up-to-date every time you launch the app.

– Custom services to interact with Twitter (same as in previous version of app): you can use any image or video hosting service in your tweets, and save links to the iOS 7 reading list or third-party services like Pinboard, Pocket or Instapaper.

– Media Timeline view (now loads faster): you can choose to just view photos and videos.

– Inline Notifications (new): now you can know if a new DM or mention comes in, and also see if your tweet was retweeted or sent out.

– Muting (same as in previous version of app): ability to “mute” users, hashtags, keywords or even clients.

Bonus: unlike the official Twitter for iOS app, Tweetbot continues to support Instagram, so you can see tweeted Instagram photos right in your timeline.

Check out this video introduction to Tweetbot 3 for more info:

Download Tweetbot 3 here from the iTunes store.