Car Dealer Betting Big On Tweet-Inspired Super Bowl Commercial

Did you participate in Jimmy Fallon’s Twitter #SteerTheScript challenge last month where he asked people to tweet him script ideas for a new Lincoln commercial?

If so, you may see your tweet come to life in the end product: A Super Bowl commercial with a $3.8 million dollar price tag.

The crowd-sourced Twitter script has created a new Lincoln MKZ commercial. According to USA Today, 30 seconds of the one-minute ad will focus on “five dramatized tweets from real people.”

In the luxury car brand’s first-ever Super Bowl spot, the five crowd-sourced tweets — garnered by social media-savvy comedian Jimmy Fallon — will showcase ultra-wacky road-trip experiences. For the Lincoln division of Ford Motor, it’s a high-stakes effort to redo its image and appeal to a new generation of buyers.

Smart move, Lincoln. The Super Bowl is the place to go all out with your commercials, of course – and Twitter is the platform. Last  year, commercials did VERY well on Twitter, with users tweeting about the commercials and half-time show hours after they happened. And besides, as we’ve mentioned before sports enthusiasts love Twitter. Obviously.

Do you think this tweet-sourced commercial is a cool idea? Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

(Man dressed as ostrich image from Shutterstock)