Tweet and Travel: New GPS Device Gives Users Extra Apps, Including Twitter

Our tablets and smartphones already make apps widely available while on-the-go in the car or on a hike — but still, TomTom’s new Go Live GPS device has added apps, including Twitter, to its arsenal of functions. That is, now your Personal Navigation Device could be capable of tweeting for you as you travel. The device also features apps like Yelp and TripAdvisor as well as real-time updated traffic updates.

The tweeting-and-driving combination is a concept we’ve heard of before, and since we already have devices that let us tweet as we transport ourselves between locations (that is…the smartphone…), it can be hard to tell just how exciting this new Go Live device is. Of course, if you’re the one driving it can be more useful to have your GPS take care of these functions for you, and sometimes it’s just exciting in itself to have an additional toy with our favorite social media functions.

Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Expedia all make sense as apps that TomTom would want on the Go Live device — travel-specific apps are some of the most useful apps out there, and they combine naturally with navigational gadgets. Twitter is an interesting addition, because on the one hand, it seems that any device with apps would be naked without the almighty tweeting function. On the other hand, the device is only capable of auto-tweeting; you can’t actually scroll through your timeline and receive updates on the Go Live.

Of course, if you are mostly a location-based Twitter user, this app could be useful for you. Sometimes, even though you always have the option of tweeting from your phone, having something that does it for you automatically is helpful. Even for drivers who have promised to let friends or family know when they’ve arrived safely, the device could take care of the not-so-uncommon problem of forgetting to alert people of your itinerary.

The Twitter-feature is probably something users could take or leave. In any case, it’s just one of many signs that Twitter isn’t just an extra feature, but something we take for granted as part of our daily user experience.