How To Find People Worth Following on Instagram

On Instagram, what you see is what you get: unless you're not seeing anything because you aren't following fellow picture-takers. Instagram is unlike Pinterest, where everything is clearly laid out before you on a screen (and which has awesome apps to make this easier); and Facebook, where friending is based on your relationship and not a particular skill. By contrast, this emerging social media network pushes us to seek out a more narrow category of people.

10 Pinterest Pages to Help You Get Ready for Back to School

The end of summer, back-to-school routine may be the same as ever before, but thanks to the Pinterest explosion, we have a completely new source of help. Whether you're looking for new ways to get organized, inspiration for a new academic year, or just a few tips on products to help you get through September, here are 10 Pinterest pages that will take you from stressed to blessed.

Tweet and Travel: New GPS Device Gives Users Extra Apps, Including Twitter

Our tablets and smartphones already make apps widely available while on-the-go in the car or on a hike — but still, TomTom’s new Go Live GPS device has added apps, […]

Top 10 Actually Useful Tweets about Hurricane Irene

Twitter is great for generating buzz, but sometimes that buzz isn’t all that constructive. As the east coast of the United States prepares for Hurricane Irene this weekend, tips on […]

Twitter Takes on Social Change: Top 5 Things Hope140 is Doing Right

Last week, Twitter’s Claire Diaz-Ortiz, the company’s leader for social innovation, released her book all about how people can use Twitter to be good global citizens. But the book, Twitter […]

Watch the Hype: How Twitter is Making the New Jay-Z and Kanye West Album More Epic

This week, one of the most-talked about music collaborations ever was released: Watch the Throne, the new album by Jay-Z and Kanye West. Kanye in particular is of course already […]

Crisis Time: 5 Tweets that Sum Up the London Riots

People using Twitter to report and comment on current events is commonplace now — and with the London Riots, people are tweeting a wide range of opinions, observing a spectrum […]

88 Worldwide Tumblr Meetups are Scheduled: How You Can Tweet Your Way There

How do we know when something like Tumblr is extra hot? When Tumblr people are taking the time not only to interact on the internet, but also in person by […]

Power to the People: Twitter Launches Dutch and Indonesian Translations with Community Model

For a self-congratulating start to the month, Twitter posted that they have just launched their product in two new languages: Dutch and Indonesian. Twitter is now available in 11 different […]

NFL Lockout Ends For Real: Why Tweeters Should Care

The NFL lockout has finally come to a close after five months of only shaky guesses about our professional football league’s future — thankfully, the new 10-year labor contract will […]