Check Out The First ‘Tweaser’ Of The Upcoming Wolverine Movie

New twords invade the Twitterverse all the time. Many are annoying, but some are pretty clever . . . like “tweaser.”

What’s a Tweaser? A Twitter-teaser, of course. And we wonder if they won’t be the next big thing on Twitter (for movies, that is).

First spotted by TIME Entertainment, “James Mangold, the writer/director of the upcoming Hugh Jackman X-Men movie Wolverine, introduced [the Tweaser] on his personal Twitter account about 24 hours ago” along with a six-second mini trailer of the flick. 

And what did he use to post it, boys and girls? You guessed it, Twitter’s new killer video app, Vine.




What’s so great about these GIF-like videos? Everything, really.

Consider how you spend your time online. We’re not saying you’re part of the “56 percent of social networking users [that] have admitted to using social networks to spy on their partners,” but we are saying that people are kind of voyeuristic by nature online – and quick hit videos, like Vine, fill that need.

All you really need is a solid Vine strategy and voila – Twitterrific results for your brand.

Have you had success with six second videos on Twitter? Post a link so we can check it out – and maybe you’ll be the topic of our next post!

Oh and if you want more Hugh Jackman, here’s a longer twenty second clip of The Wolverine.

(Movie reel image from Shutterstock)