Connects Passionate TV Fans

TVLoop is was used to be just a Facebook application that brings TV shows on TV Fans’ profiles is now a full-blown social networking site boasting of 16 million registered members coming from various social networking sites including Facebook and MySpace and now boasts of 200 popular TV shows.

TVLoop is a social networking site/online community for passionate TV fans sharing their passion for TV shows, connecting and interacting with other TV fans, discussing their favorite TV shows, playing social games and watching their favorite episodes and clips.

Being a social network for TV fans, TVLoop allows members to comment on any episode of the featured TV shows on the site. Likewise, other members can reply to other members’ comments. In addition, TVLoop also gives you various online games related to TV shows, TV Show content widgets including quote of the day and quizzes coming from popular and not-so popular TV shows, on-demand video content coming from major TV networks such as How I Met Your Mother, the Simpsons, Chuck and the Office and more.

It might seem a pretty good social networking site working on a particular niche. However, since we’re talking here about TV shows which are mostly American TV shows with binding exlusive distribution within the U.S. only, as we expected is open only to TV fans in the U.S.

Of course we’re not really hoping to get TVLoop in other countries. But it would be wonderful if Watercooler, TVLoop’s mother company would do something about this as it is the only in which its social network will become more successful. TVLoop is not Hulu – it is a social networking site for TV fans and those TV fans do not come just from the U.S. alone.