ALERT: Truth About Coke Scam Spreading On Facebook

There’s a new scam spreading around on Facebook which prompts users to find out the “truth about Coke” by clicking on a link. It’s a scam that’s similar to many of the others we’ve covered in the past in that it prompts users to complete a survey, in turn generating revenue for the scammer. Unlike the scam we covered yesterday, this new one could actually cost you money, if you were to register for one of the quizzes.

This particular scam preys on those users who are less aware of the traditional Facebook scam techniques. While most people should be able to figure out that this is a scam, many are still falling for the trap. If you see one of your friends post something like the image below, do not click on it!
While we’re assuming that Facebook will eventually block all outgoing links to this site, hundreds if not thousands of Facebook users are continuing to post about it on Facebook. Take our advice: don’t click on the link. We’ll continue to cover any additional security threats and scams on Facebook.
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