Twitter, Facebook, Google, AOL Team Up To Create

Twitter, Facebook, Google, AOL Team Up To Create

Twitter wants you to be safe from deceptive and malicious online ads – so much so that they’ve partnered with competitors and big names in tech to bring you

Along with Facebook, Google and AOL, Twitter has created a new organization to combat bad online ads. will accomplish this two ways: by educating consumers on scams and other malicious ads; and by reporting if and when bad ads crop up. describes itself as “…a group of internet industry leaders that have come together to work toward a common goal: Protect people from malicious online advertisements and deceptive practices.”

By delivering information and education about nefarious advertising trends, the organization hopes to reduce the number of bad ads and help the ads-supported internet thrive.

The site has a section for published reports on trending ad scams. The first report uploaded is about tech support scams, and explains – along with examples – how consumers could get caught in a trap for “easy 24-hour tech support” and be duped into giving their payment and personal information to unsavory characters. also has a companion Twitter account @TrustInAds, where it tweets tips and insights about malicious ads. And consumers can report a bad ad on any one of the member sites by clicking a link on the homepage.

(Beware fraud image via Shutterstock)