TRUMPED: Donald’s Boycott of Fox News Debate Was Almost a Heist

And there are five million reasons why...

Last night was the seventh GOP debate. All the usual suspects were there, except Donald Trump.

He went along with his threat and boycotted the debate (because he’s afraid of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly), and went ahead with his veterans fundraising event only three miles away. And while the remainder of the candidates (and the moderators) treated Trump with the same trepidation and disdain like he was Voldemort, he was still the elephant (not) in the room.

News is now leaking that Trump was almost there after all — for a residual speaking fee of $5 million!

In a statement, Fox News accused Trump of wanting a “quid pro quo” in order to attend the debate — in the form of a $5 million donation to charity — and denied that network honcho Roger Ailes had placed “multiple calls” to the real estate mogul. A source close to the situation said there was an acquiescence to Trump, and Fox’s statement notes they “acknowledged his concerns.”

In other words, “Dude, this ain’t reality TV. We don’t pay people to show up to a job interview.”

Much like his talking points, this ploy has been repeated verbatim as well. See this note from September 2015, in which Trump pulled the same puerile act with CNN. The network got nice ratings. Trump believes he was the reason.

So, he wanted an honorarium. Yeah, that only happens on reality TV too.