Troll Jailed For Defacing Children's Facebook Memorials

An Australian has been sentenced to jail for defacing two dead children's memorial pages on Facebook.

Brisbane’s 29-year-old Bradley Paul Hampson won’t be offending, meancing, or harrasing anyone on Facebook for a while — or at least seven months.

On February 2010, Hampson posted offensive and cruel graffiti on Facebook pages memorializing two deceased children.
According to the Brisbane Times, the self-confessed troll wrote “w00t I’m dead” across the picture of a dead 12-year-old boy, and posted it on the kid’s Facebook tribute page. In another instance, he wrote the following regarding the real-life raping and murdering of an 8-year-old girl: “My definition of pleasure … listening to her ribs crack. I got mad … so I murdered her.”
Just to be clear, trolling is generally defined as the intentional act of posting material online to offend, harass, or threaten others. Hampson’s actions certainly fit the bill.
Of course, the guy didn’t use his real name, but instead posted it all under an old schoolmate’s name. The man whose name was being used alerted the authorities. Once the police caught Hampson, they also found about 200 images of abused children.
Hampson was sentenced to three years in jail, but the judge lowered it to one. Because he’s been behind bars for the past seven months, Hampson is expected to be set free this coming September.
Do you agree that these activities on Facebook should be treated as crimes?