Jorge Cino

Get Famous On Facebook Through Talenthouse

A Palo Alto start-up has found a creative way to give talented people life-changing opportunities to collaborative with big artists and big brands through Facebook.

Has Facebook Killed RSS For Pages?

It appears that RSS icons on Facebook pages have been quietly removed.

Facebook Rejects Photo Of Girls Touching Tongues

Just a couple of weeks after the social network rejected a picture of two men kissing, it has pulled down a pic of two girls touching tongues.

France Wants To Kick Bullies Off Of Facebook

France's education minister and Facebook have reached an agreement to close the accounts of anyone accused of bullying through Facebook. But how will they enforce it?

U.S. Senator Probes Baidu-Facebook Partnership

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois has written a letter to Baidu's chief executive asking to confirm whether rumors about Facebook's entry to China via a partnership with the search giant is true, and if so, how would this affect free speech and privacy.

Shakespeare Play Goes Live In Facebook News Feeds

Over the next three days, a group of actors will be playing Shakespeare's classic Much Ado About Nothing live on your Facebook news feed.

Will Dropped News Anchor Get Rehired Via Facebook?

A veteran news anchor in Michigan gets an outpouring of Facebook love after abruptly leaving her show for reasons unknown to the public.

Long Beach Student Arrested For Facebook Threats

Long Beach, California police have arrested a high school student for allegedly threatening classmates on Facebook.

Facebook Boasts Put Houston Bank Robbers In Jail

Houston bank robbers boasted about their $62,000 take on Facebook.

RI Doctor Fired For Posting About Patient On Facebook

The Rhode Island Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline has disciplined a physician for posting patient information on Facebook.