TripAdvisor Launches Social Q&A Service Powered By Facebook

Leveraging Facebook’s current API features, TripAdvisor has released a new service which enables Facebook users to ask their friends questions about specific cities. The product, which resembles other Facebook-owned widgets, is a simple location-focused Q&A service. While Facebook is working on their own questions product, this service operates within the context of the TripAdvisor site, which currently has over 45 million monthly users.

When I first received the release for this I was somewhat surprised by the similarities in design of this product in comparison to some of Facebook’s own social plugins, more specifically, the live stream product. While travel questions are something that many people already ask from their own profile, having this information within the context of a travel community is important.

Right now the questions and answers space is extremely hot. Quora recently raised funding at a massive $86 million valuation and with Facebook’s own product in the works, Q&A is a hot topic. That’s why it’s not completely surprising to see such functionality integrated into TripAdvisor’s existing service. If you are looking to participate in a conversation about travel and get the insight of your friends, the new TripFriends service should help you get the answers that you are looking for!

If you’re interested in checking out the TripFriends service, you can view it here.