Trigger Happy Games Launches Entertainment Platform Tap to Play on iOS

Trigger Happy Games has announced the release of its entertainment platform Tap to Play on iOS devices. The app is a hub for social gamers, containing 10 individual games, a chat system, user profiles, stat tracking, leaderboards, activity feeds and more.

With Tap to Play, users can login with Facebook and challenge their friends to games, as well as random users. Gamers can also play solo for practice. The app provides profiles and stats for each user, along with an experience points system that sees gamers earning higher levels from their participation within the app.

Tap To Play (iOS) - 05Players start with free access to five of the ten games on the Tap to Play platform. These are all reflex-intensive games, focusing on basic tap or tilt controls. In Bird Down, for instance, gamers tap on the screen to keep a bird in the air, and tilt their device back and forth to avoid missiles. The longer they fly, the more points they earn.

Elsewhere, a game called Jungle Glide asks users to control a monkey on a vine by tapping and holding to send him down the screen, and letting go to let him swing back up to the top. Gamers can collect bananas for bonus points, and must avoid missiles, trees and other obstacles to stay alive.

Five additional games are available to purchase with coins, the game’s free and premium currency. Users earn coins by playing games, earning achievements, and completing other tasks within the app, or can purchase them outright with real money. Tap to Play will be updated with additional mini-games going forward, giving users more opportunities to earn (and likely spend) those coins.

Tap to Play is available to download for free on iOS.