Trending Today On Twitter: Bacon And Weddings

We know that what is trending on Twitter rightthismoment will not be trending the next, and some days the stuff that’s trending just isn’t worth mentioning or paying attention to.

But some days, like today, there are some items that catch our eye. You’ll be able to find these posts, highlighting trending topics worthy of your attention, under the “Trending Today On Twitter” category (categories are right above the headline and you can find them via our search section to the right).

Without further ado, we bring you two items that are trending today on twitter, covering two topics everyone will be able to relate to in some way: bacon and weddings.

If you ever wanted to know what has been trending on Twitter on a particular day and how popular the topic is (or has been), there are ways to do that. It will most likely be a huge waste of time though – until it isn’t and you come across a video offering the solution to all your problems: Rub some bacon on it.

Don’t ever dream of trending on Twitter yourself though, not unless you make a wildly popular bacon video or you’re a movie star and you die or something, because it seems that only mass-approved nonsense and frivolity appear on Twitter’s trending list. That, and companies willing to pay $100k+ to trend, that is.

It’s worth taking a glance at the trending topics every now and then though – for just as we found that bacon video, there are occasionally funny (though mostly short-lived) trends that offer a chance to show how witty you are. Take #InappropriateWeddingSongs for example – good stuff:

Do you pay attention to the trending topics on Twitter? Why or why not? Feel free to share some favorite trending topics in the comments below.

(Bacon image from Shutterstock)

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