Treat your Facebook friends to a virtual vacation, earn real travel vouchers with VayCay app

virtualvaycay.gifHere’s a fun Facebook application that would surely strengthen your ties with you Facebook friends. VayCay from allows you to treat your friends to their virtual dream vacation. There’s no limit to where you can send them, and no money required as well. It’s purely for fun sakes, so better suspend reality even just for awhile. But hey, installing the VayCay app in your Facebook account and sending your friends to virtual vacation can even earn you some real travel vouchers, so why not?

varclayapp.jpgVayCay is your typical Facebook app that you install on your profiles. And then you can start sending vacation invites to your friends. Every time a friend accepts your invites, you earn 1000 points. These points will add up and give you more chances of winning the $1500 prize pot in the form of travel vouchers. And yes, you can also send yourself into your virtual dream vacation.

VayCay will be giving away $1500 American Airlines vouchers to users who has earned the most miles every season. So, you practically have four chances to win. Here are the dates of the awarding of travel vouchers:

• Spring: Mar-May – May 31, 2008
• Summer: June-Aug – Aug 31, 2008
• Fall: Sept-Nov – Nov 30, 2008
• Winter: Dec-Feb – Feb 29, 2008

Not a bad deal eh? If I were you, I stop reading this post and install the VayCay Facebook application now. And do send me vacation invites, I’m sure going to accept it. I badly need a vacation even if it’s not for real.