Zimmerman Defense Seeking To Subpoena Trayvon Martin’s Tweets

George Zimmerman’s defense team tweeted a link announcing its Notice of Hearing where it will request the Court to consider its motion to subpoena’s Trayvon Martin’s tweets.

The fact that his team created a Twitter account demonstrates social media savvy. But its request to subpoena the dead teen’s tweets seems . . . unnecessary, particularly considering that Martin’s tweets are easily found online.

But as this is coming from a team also seeking to subpoena the boy’s middle school records to support its defense, it’s far from shocking.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, “in one of several new filings, defense attorney Mark O’Mara writes that the requests are part of a ‘well thought out plan to focus on potentially relevant and admissible information.”

O’Mara also noted that the state has gathered Zimmerman’s high-school records from Manassas, Va. “Yet, when the same exact documents are requested regarding Trayvon Martin, the State denigrates the request as a fishing expedition,” O’Mara writes. “The irony is rich.”

But is it? Isn’t seeking evidence of an alleged killer’s violent history different than seeking evidence of a victim’s violent history? Seems more akin to seeking evidence of promiscuity from a rape victim, does it not?

Check out this video to hear more from Zimmerman’s defense.

And then you tell us: What do you think of this?

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