Trading Faces advergame measures the value of your Facebook friendships


If a single Facebook friend is worth $1, then how much money is your Facebook profile worth? That’s the question behind an interesting new advergame called Trading Faces. The game is available on, a financial trading website, and asks players to connect to their Facebook account to play.

From there, the app challenges players with making the most virtual money possible in a limited number of “trades,” as they trade one of their Facebook friends for another, based on the number of friends that person has on their account.

For instance, let’s say Jane Doe has 100 friends, and she’s the starting point. The game shows four more friends and players must guess, based on their experience with those friends, whether those users have more friends than Jane. The object is to pick the most valuable player on each round, to make the most money. If players guess correctly, they win the difference (in friend totals) as virtual cash for their in-game account. If they’re wrong, the balance drops.

At the end of each game, players see their trade results, rate of return percentage, total possible winnings (if players had picked only the most valuable friends) and total win ratio across multiple games. Users can share those results back on Facebook, or view a complete list of all of the possible friendships from the previous game to see which users would have been the most profitable.

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