Track Items With Your Phone

If you are the type that is constantly misplacing items, or perhaps you want to make sure an item doesn’t get stolen, a company called Phone Halo has a product that works with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry phones that may do the trick. Phone Halo is a $60 fob that has a speaker, GPS, and Bluetooth radio, and is small enough to attach to keys, briefcases, or other items that can be easily carried away. You first install the Phone Halo application on to the phone and then pair up the fob with the phone. When communication with the fob is activated, it will sound an alarm when the fob and phone exceed a defined proximity from each other. If the item with the Phone Halo fob disappears, you can start the application on the phone and see where the fob is located. For a better understanding of how Phone Halo works, watch the following video.

YouTube video courtesy of Phone Halo