Touch Dimensions launches Autumn Dynasty: Warlords on iOS


Touch Dimensions has announced the launch of Autumn Dynasty: Warlords on iOS devices. The game is a follow-up to the original Autumn Dynasty, and aims to offer a real-time strategy experience the likes of which players would find in classic PC titles. The game takes players to a land filled with bloodshed, and challenges them to bring all surrounding forces and territories under their own rule to stop the violence.

On each turn, players can choose to train troops, send spies to enemy lands, attack enemy units, setup recon bases and more. Players can recruit spearmen, horsemen, archers, catapults and more into their armies, using the resources their cities generate over time. Once in battle, players can command multiple units, directing them to attack the same enemy or move to the same location, by simply drawing circles around them with their finger.

Autumn Dynasty: Warlords offers four difficulty levels to appeal to both casual and hardcore RTS fans. Before each battle, players can customize their approach with decrees which may trigger movement speed or attack boosts (as examples), and can select the perfect commanding officer for each encounter.

Officers can also be dispatched to improve diplomatic relations with other territories, with each individual action (both inside and outside of combat) having the potential to impact the rest of the game, and the overall in-game world.

Autumn Dynasty: Warlords is optimized for tablets, but is also playable on other iOS devices. It’s available to download now for $6.99. Check back soon to follow Autumn Dynasty: Warlords on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.