Top Twitter Cities in the Netherlands [Infographic]

Twitter users are an eclectic bunch, with 70% living outside of the US, and what better way to really understand what this international Twitterverse looks like than through an image? Check out this cool infographic for some insight into just how popular Twitter is in the Netherlands.

Four developers created the ultra-cool Visualization of the Top Twitter Cities in the Netherlands infographic this week, which shows the volume of tweeters per major Twitter city in their home country.

You might’ve seen the recent map of US Twitter states, which offered up some pretty surprising numbers (hint: California is NOT the top tweeting state!). This latest infographic about the Netherlands Twitter users might be a bit more predictable to anyone who knows the area.

Being the country’s capital and largest city in the Netherlands, it makes sense that Amsterdam would top the list. It is the number one Twitter city on the map, with just under 30,000 registered Twitter users. In second place comes Rotterdam with 9,800 registered users, followed by Utrecht and The Hague.

Take a look at this cool infographic for a great visual of Twitter users across the Netherlands: